Apple Cider Salad

I think living gluten free automatically makes you a salad expert. It is common that salads are sometimes the only option eating out at places on the run. I have a pizza place not far from me that make one of the best salads in town so I absolutely had to replicated it.




1 lb Spring Mix

1 Apple sliced into thin slices

Candy walnuts (make sure gf)

4 oz Blue cheese or Gorgonzola

1/3 Cup Dry Cranberries

2 Celery Stalks thinly sliced



1/4 Greek Yogurt

3 Tbs Apple Cider

1 tsp Balsamic

Salt and Pepper to taste


In a small bowl whisk at the dressing ingredient together and set aside.

In a large salad bowl toss greens, cranberries, apple and celery together. When your ready to serve add a few tabel spoons of dressing at a time and continue to combine. Top with nut and cheese.


French Toast Casserole

French toast casserole makes an easy brunch item to feed a crowd. Plus gluten free bread seems to work better then others. Feel free to customize it, add some fruit, chocolate chips or what ever you would like.


1  Large Loaf 40 oz Gluten Free Bread (Cut in-to cubes)

8 Eggs

3 Cups Whole Milk

2 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 Cup White Sugar

2 tsp Vanilla

2 Tbs Maple Syrup

1 tsp Salt

Topping –

1/3 Cup Butter

1/4 Brown Sugar

2 tsp Cinnamon

In a large bowl start by whisking milk, egg, vanilla, maple syrup, white sugar and salt together. Add the bread cubes and mix together well but gently with out breaking the bread. Allow mixture to rest for an hour. Pour into large, well sprayed casserole dish. You can either cook right away or wrap it up and place in fridge. When ready to bake mix softened butter, sugar and cinnamon together by hand and place dollops of the butter mixture on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Until top is golden brown and no liquid remains. Serve hot with a side of syrup.


Creamy Chicken and Rice – guilt free and dairy free

Being gluten sensitive causes all kinds of stomach issues. Does not matter how careful I am I still get sick once in awhile. When I do get sick I try to stick to a bland diet for few days to help clear it up. I try to come up with fun things that are super safe and wont irritate my stomach anymore. I came up with this recipe on a whim and it was great.


1 Small Chicken Breast

1 Gluten-Free Chicken Broth Cube

2 Cups Water

1/2 Cup Dry Rice

1 Cup Fresh Baby Spinach

Pinch of Salt and Pepper

Start by sprinkling the chicken with salt and pepper and baking in the oven at 450 degrees until cooked all the way threw. While chicken cooks place rice in pot and add 2 cups water and broth cube. If you cant find the gluten free chicken cube then substitute water and cube for 16 oz of chicken broth.  Heat liquid and rice to a boil and cover. Cook for 10-15 minutes and mix every few minutes until most of the water is absorbed and rice is soft. Then cut add baked chicken into small piece and add to rice. Finally toss in the spinach and mix well. Cook for another minute until spinach is wilted. Serve hot with some cracked pepper on top.


Elvis Pie

This recipe is something I have evolved over time. It started with my addiction to ice cream cake and wanting to recreate it at home. Then I started playing around with the different options to make it at unique.

I like to make the filling out of a homemade banana ice cream but if you don’t have an ice cream machine then you can easily use any store bought flavor. Chocolate would go great.

Ingredients –


1 Cup Peanut Butter

1 Egg

2/3 Cup Sugar

1 tsp Baking Powder

1 tsp Vanilla

1 Pinch Salt

Ice Cream –

1 Banana

1 Cup Full Fat Yogurt

1 tsp Vanilla

1 Cup Whole Milk

1/3 Cup Sugar


1/2 Tub Cool Whip Defrosted

1 Tbs Coco Powder

Start by making the crust. In a bowl combine all the crust ingredients. Mix until dough forms. Press dough into the bottom of a deep pie pan. Bake at 350 degree for about 10 min. Watching to avoid burning.

If making the ice cream – While crust bakes combine all ice cream ingredients in a blender until smooth. You should heat the milk and sugar first to dissolve and then chill it but I never seem to be patient. Once blended pour into ice cream machine as directed by machine instructions.

One crust is done cool it in the fridge of freezer while the ice cream is in the machine.

Once crust is cool and ice cream is done. Pour ice cream in the crust and place in freezer for an hour. When ice cream is firm top with cool whip in an even layer around the pie. Dust the top with coco powder and return to freezer for an hour for pie to set hard.




Mom’s Chicken Soup

Growing up chicken soup was the medicine for everything. As soon as weather changed the big soup pot came out. It makes a ton of food for a week and this time if year the extra broth is great to freeze and use for the holidays. Homemade chicken broth is always gluten free, all natural and can be added to any dish.


1 1/2 Pound Carrots (cleaned and chopped into rounds)
1/2 Head of Celery chopped
2 Parsnip ( cleaned and chopped)
2 Onions (cleaned and quarter)
5 Cloves Garlic (cleaned and chopped)
1 Bunch Dill
1 Bunch Parsley
1 Medium Full Uncooked Chicken (cleaned)
1 TBS Salt
2 tsp Pepper

Start by bring a large pot of water to a boil. Once boiling toss in chicken, lower water to a high simmer. Let the chicken cook for an hour. Now toss in everything else and gentle stir. Leave the parsley and dill in a bunches. Let the soup cook about another 30 min or until veggies are soft. Taste and adjust seasoning. Some people like the veggies mushy and cook it longer. Now comes the messy part. You need to separate everything. Let the soup cool for a few minutes and then CAREFULLY remove the the chicken. The chicken with fall apart easily so do this carefully, you may need help. Place then chicken in a bowl and clean off all the bones and skin. Save the meat in another container and toss the rest. Then remove the dill and parsley and save some for serving. Next, carefully remove the veggies into a bowl and strain broth. I normally have about 6-8 quarts of broth. I quickly freeze half of it in different containers and then save everything else for meals. When your read to serve just heat the broth and veggies. Place shredded chicken in each bowls and top with the soup. Enjoy!!!


Pumpkin Pie Frapachinoo

It is officially Pumpkin season and my favorite time of year. I always joke that I could make anything with pumpkin. This recipe ironically is has no actual pumpkin but the spices along makes you think of any classic fall beverage. Plus this recipe has no added sugar!


1 Frozen Banana

1 Cup Almond Milk

1 Oz Espresso

1/2 Tbs Pumpkin Spice Mix

Add espresso and  milk to a blender and whip up. Then add frozen banana and spice. Blend  well and serve cold.


Del Real Frozen Gluten Free Foods

It continues to be a challenge anytime I want an easy GF option when I am hungry and in a rush. Very few companies have come up with anything that is quick, easy and enjoyable. Even tho I love to cook I am always looking for something I can just throw in the microwave and serve. Del Real has come up with a large product line of frozen mexican foods that are all 100% gluten free. What is unique is that the purpose of the line is to be a great frozen mexican option and it is inherently GF.  Items range from side dishes like rice, to grab-and- go items like tamales and then great main dishes like carnitas, pork in green sauce, beef pot roast that are all made to feed 4-5 people.

As for the quality all the products everything is top notch. I travel to mexico a lot and lived in Central America for a bit and all the flavors are original and delicious.  Tamales are one of my favorite street foods and hard to find frozen and GF but these are just perfect. I actually had to hide the last ones in the freezer from my boyfriend. The rice stood out because most flavored rice mixes contain something that is not GF safe but this mix was great. It went well with everything we tried.

If your looking for an easy option to keep around this stuff is for you. Since everything is inherently gluten free, its a solution for family’s feeding gluten free and none gluten free individuals.

They also made some great clips with fun recipe ideas:

Check it all out at:






Fall Harvest Chicken

Fall flavors are in full swing and I am always looking for new flavor combos to change it up. I wanted to play off the classic recipe my mom made as a child using brisket. Since my time is limited during the week I figured chicken would help speed it up.


1 Pound Chicken Breast sliced thin

1/2 Onion Sliced Thin

1/2 Pound Mushrooms sliced think

6 Prunes Chopped

1/2 Pomegranate seeds plus 2 Tbs for garnish

3/4 Cup Water

2 Tbs Balsamic

1 Tbs Brown Sugar

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Pepper

Start by sautéing the onions with brown sugar in a well sprayed pan until they start to become translucent.  While onions cook, salt and pepper the chicken breast on each side. Place the chicken in the pan with onions and brown on each side. This should take no longer then one minute per side on high heat. Remove chicken from pan and place on a plate. To the pan add balsamic and water and mix well, scraping the bottom of the pan a bit. Add the prunes, pomegranate and mushrooms then lower heat to medium. Add chicken back to pan and bring liquid to a simmer. Cover pan partially and turn chicken every few minutes. Cook until liquid is almost gone. Serve chicken with onions, and fruit on top. Garnish plate with extra pomegranate seeds.


Rum Bread

I actually created this recipe out of a fan request. Its an updated version to my walnut bread with a twist. Check out the video section and watch me make this one.


2 Cups Pecan Meal

1/2 Cup Almond Flour

1 Cup Sugar

1 oz Rum

2 tsp Baking Powder

1/2 Tbs Cinnamon

1/2 tsp Salt

4 Eggs Separated

Start by mixing beating the egg whites into peaks. Place the whites aside and beat the yolks. To the yolks at the rum, continue to beat. Then add the sugar and baking powder and beat again. Incorporate the salt and cinnamon into the yolk mix. Now, add pecan meal and almond flour and mix well. Return to your egg whites and using a whisk beat one more time to insure they are full whipped. Slowly fold in the egg whites to your nut mixture until it is all well combined. Place in a greased loaf pan and bake at 350 degrees for about 30-40 minutes until golden brown.



Deep Dish Pizza

I am always looking for new GF pizza recipes that are easy to follow, this one is a winner and inspired by a great local restaurant.

Ingredients –

1 Pound Sliced Mozzarella

2 Cups Pizza Sauce

2 Cups Arrowroot Flour

1 Cup Parm Cheese Grated

1/2 Cup Almond Flour

2 Eggs

1/4 Cup Water

1/4 Oil

1/2 Tbs Italian Seasoning

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Pepper

2 tsp Sugar

2 tsp Baking Powder

Start by combining the dry ingredients first in a large bowl including salt, pepper, seasoning, almond flour, arrowroot, parm cheese and sugar. Mix well. In another bowl mix eggs, water and oil. Pour the wet slowly into dry and mix for a minute with spoon. Then continue to kneed by hand. Press crust into a well oil backing-sheet and then sprinkle with oil. Next, place slices of cheese in one layer on crust and then top with tomato sauce. Cook at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes of until golden brown.