Del Real Frozen Gluten Free Foods

It continues to be a challenge anytime I want an easy GF option when I am hungry and in a rush. Very few companies have come up with anything that is quick, easy and enjoyable. Even tho I love to cook I am always looking for something I can just throw in the microwave and serve. Del Real has come up with a large product line of frozen mexican foods that are all 100% gluten free. What is unique is that the purpose of the line is to be a great frozen mexican option and it is inherently GF.  Items range from side dishes like rice, to grab-and- go items like tamales and then great main dishes like carnitas, pork in green sauce, beef pot roast that are all made to feed 4-5 people.

As for the quality all the products everything is top notch. I travel to mexico a lot and lived in Central America for a bit and all the flavors are original and delicious.  Tamales are one of my favorite street foods and hard to find frozen and GF but these are just perfect. I actually had to hide the last ones in the freezer from my boyfriend. The rice stood out because most flavored rice mixes contain something that is not GF safe but this mix was great. It went well with everything we tried.

If your looking for an easy option to keep around this stuff is for you. Since everything is inherently gluten free, its a solution for family’s feeding gluten free and none gluten free individuals.

They also made some great clips with fun recipe ideas:

Check it all out at:






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