Sun Butter Cookie

Everyone loves my no flour peanut butter cookies. I bring them to every party I do. Working at a bakery I have become very aware of the high number of nut allergies. I decided to try and make a cookie recipe that has no flour and no nuts. An easy solution when you are in need of a gluten free treat.


1 Cup Sunflower Butter

1 Egg

1 tsp Baking Soda

1 tsp Salt

1 Cup Sugar

1 tsp Vanilla

1 tsp Cinnamon

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. Roll the dough into about 14 one inch balls. Place each ball on a foiled cookie sheet. Bake for about 12 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Watch them, they can burn really fast.


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Gluten Free Paradise


Arenas Del Mar- Celiac Week, Fall 2014

Beachfront and Rainforest Resort

I love to travel and find new and exotic places.  I feel that it’s important to share the places that I find that are gluten-free friendly.  Recently, Arenas Del Mar (based in Costa Rica) approached me to assist them in their mission in transforming their resort into a luxury gluten-free vacation destination.

The program director has a daughter recently diagnosed with Celiac disease. Since her diagnosis, traveling has became a challenge for her.  As a result, her father embarked on a journey to show people that a luxury vacation in an exotic country can be made safe and enjoyable for anyone with a dietary restriction.  He wishes to transform his resort to accommodate anyone living on a gluten free diet.

Avoiding consuming gluten when traveling can be very challenging.  To suffice for the lack of gluten-free food, it’s common to spend a lot of money on granola bars, trail mix and other items that can be eaten when gluten-free food is unattainable.  It’s hard when you want to go on a vacation to relax, but you find yourself constantly worrying about what is safe to eat and drink.

Arenas Del Mar has decided to host a few special weeks at the resort that will be entirely gluten-free.  In order to accommodate this, the resort will ensure all food and beverages and even the soaps and cosmetics provided in the rooms, bathrooms and spa

contain no traces of gluten.  They have invited guests that share the commonality of living with celiac disease and other gluten sensitivity issues to visit the resort during these week.  This time will undoubtedly serve as a wonderful place to share experiences and learn from each other.

In May, I will be traveling down to the resort to write a full review about Arenas Del Mar.  Iwill spend time examining the kitchen and advising the staff of the obvious and not-so-obvious means in which gluten appears in the kitchen.  I will be charged with the responsibility to help the staff prepare a kitchen that is sanitized sufficiently and contains no contamination.

Arenas Del Mar is situated in paradise on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  It is a boutique, luxurious, and lush 38-room hotel that is awe inspiring.  See it for yourself at:

  • The readers of Travel and Leisure magazine voted it the top family hotel in Central and South America in 2013.
  • The wedding planning website listed it as one of the 50 most exotic honeymoon resorts in the world in 2013.
  • The Government of Costa Rica has annually awarded it 5 Stars for luxury and 5 Leaves for sustainability, the only hotel to win both awards.
  • The hotel has just been certified as being Carbon Neutral.

Situated in Manuel Antonio, it’s at the other end of a gorgeous tropical beach just minutes from Costa Rica’s most famous national park.  Wildlife abounds on the property, birds (157 species have been counted so far!), sloths, monkeys, frogs, iguanas….the list goes on!  I am counting down the seconds before I encounter the massages in the spa and margaritas under a palm tree on our own private beach.

Arenas del Mar is a bi-level hotel.  Half of the property is located on a 150-foot cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean while the other half is on a private beach. Views to the Northwest remind you of Big Sur and views to the Southeast are overlook a beautiful, curved, and long tropical beach that is ideal for walking.  The views, along with a cocktail at sunset, are listed in the famous book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.

A Week for the Celiac Community

In support of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA), Arenas Del Mar will host two weeks for the Celiac Community this year.  Both restaurants at Arenas Del Mar will go 100% gluten-free for their guests’ safety and comfort.

The first week, beginning September 13th 2014, will feature guest chef Monica Glass, who herself has celiac disease, accompanied by Chef Nicole Petrongolo. Monica has worked as a pastry chef at the acclaimed seafood restaurant Le Bernardin in New York City, 10 Arts in Philadelphia and now Clio in Boston.

The second week, beginning November 8th 2014, will feature Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook, the owners and chefs of the highly rated Zahav in Philadelphia. This restaurant was named best restaurant in Philadelphia by Philadelphia Magazine.

All the kitchen staff at Arenas Del Mar will also have completed the NFCA’s Great Kitchens training program which is accredited by the American Culinary Foundation.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the NFCA.

For further details please contact:


Jeremy Allen, Program Director and hotel Partner by e-mail at  or phone 610-407-9371.

If you plan to book, please let them know you found them from my blog to get the best rates.  Stay tuned for my full review in May!





Cilantro Chutney

Chutney makes for an incredible dipping sauce for any meal. Full of flavor that pops. Chutney recipes can be creative. This one is easy to whip up in a crunch.


1 1/2 Cups Fresh Cilantro

1 Clove Garlic

1 inch cube ginger grated

1/2 tsp salt

1 Tbs honey

1 small thai chili or half a jalapeño

Juice of 1 lime

2 Tbs Water

Place everything in a small food processor and blend until a paste forms. Feel free to keep out chili if you want to keep it mild.


Sloppy Joe Pie

I had a pound of ground meat and wanted to do something different. I played around with a few ideas and I was craving my famous sloppy joes recipe. This was a great spin, easy to make and an fun kid fav.


1 lb ground meat. ( I like lean beef but you can use anything)
1 Onion Chopped
2 Cloves Garlic Chopped
16 oz Crushed Tomato
2 Tbs Bbq Sauce
1 Tbs Worcestershire Sauce
2 Tbs Mustard
1 Tbs Honey
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Pepper

1 Cup Corn Meal
1/2 Tapioca Flour
3 Egg
1/4 Cup Almond Milk
2 Tbs Honey
1 tsp Baking Soda
2 tsp Balsamic
1 tsp Chili Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
2 Tbs Butter (room temp)

Start with the filling by sautéing onions and garlic in a large well greased pan. Once brown add ground meat, salt and pepper. Cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes until mean is almost full cooked. Add tomato, honey, mustard and Worcestershire. Cook for another ten minutes until liquid starts to reduce. While the meat cooks, move to the topping. In a large bowl mix together the corn meal, tapioca, salt and baking soda. Once mixed add the remaining wet ingredients. Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes.
Once meat is done pour as an even layer into a square casserole dish. Then pour the topping on top slowly and evenly. Topping will seem a bit fluid but it will come together.

Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes until top is golden and firm.





Polenta Waffle

I love coming up with a savory twist on a classic. I must have 50 waffle recipes but this one quickly became a fav. Plus now I can have a heathy waffle for dinner.

1/4 cup instant polenta
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
Pinch salt
Pinch fresh cracked pepper
1/3 cup almond milk

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Add on egg and mix well. Now add half the milk, combine and let stand for a few minutes. Then add remaining milk and again let stand. Mix well and pour into hot waffle iron for 4 minutes. Enjoy with any toppings. Try something savory like avocado and salsa.



Masala Cauliflower

I could eat indian food all the time. It is easily gluten free and paleo which is great. My favorite part about indian food is that its packed with flavor and veggie dishes. Making indian food at home is easy and fun. You can use this recipe on any mix of veggies.



1 Small head of cauliflower

4 Carrots

2 Tbs Gram Masala Spice Blend

Cooking Spray or Oil

Start by cutting cauliflower and carrots into large pieces. Place into large bowl and toss with oil or spray. Add spice blend and toss well. Spread on a large foiled cookie sheet. Roast at 500 degree for 20 minutes.


If you can’t find the spice blend try making your own with cumin, coriander, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.



Every Valentines Day Jay always surprises me with a wonderful well planned meal. Always multiple courses, exotic, unique and excellent. This year the theme  was Mexican and Philippino fusion. He nailed it and the whole meal was amazing. For dessert he made this very special philppino chocolate pudding and it blew me away. In the states we have very few rice based treats but in other cultures rice can be used in many sweet options.


3/4 Cup Dry Sweet Rice

2 Cups Water

2 Tbs Brown Sugar

1/2 Evaporated Milk


6 oz Bitter Sweet Chocolate

1/4 Water

Start by placing rice and water in slow cooker. Allow it to cook for 5 minutes and then stir in sugar. Cook until rice machine says its complete and rice is thick, sticky and not watery. When rice is done remove from rice cooker and give it about 10 minutes in fridge to cool. In four small bowls place equal parts of the evaporated milk. It should be about 2 Tbs in four separate glasses. Add equal amounts of cool rice to each bowl and place in fridge.

Now to make topping. Stat by chopping up the chocolate into small pieces and placing in box. Add water and heat. Heat over medium hight heat mixing slowly until chocolate is melted and thick sauce is formed.  Pour sauce over rice and cool the whole thing for at least an hour in fridge. Serve Cold.



Baba Ghanoush

This is a recipe that has been passed down in my family for a long time. My dad use to tell me story’s of my grandma making it for him as a child in Isreal. I have never been able to get it just right but at least it’s close.


2 Eggplant

6 Garlic Cloves

2 Tbs Tahini Paste

1 tsp Salt

1 Tbs Oil or Spay

Start by cutting each garlic cloves into about 3 large slices. Then using a pairing knife make a bunch off deep gashes in each. Shove a chuck of garlic in each slit. Spread oil or spray the eggplant all over. Place the eggplant on a grill or under a broiler turning every few minutes until each side is blackened and soft. Once the eggplants are fully cooked and soft peel off the skin. Place the inside of the eggplant in a food processor and mix it up well. Add the tahini and salt and pure. Serve cold or warm.


Spicy Avocado Ranch Dip

I was looking for something a little more fun then guacamole. This came out spicy, creamy and perfect for dipping veggies in.


2 Small Avocados

1 Cup Yogurt

1/2 Lime

1/2 Cup Fresh Cilantro

1/2 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp Garlic

1 tsp Oregano

1 tsp Parsley

1 tsp Sugar

1 Jalapeño Diced ( leave seed if you want extra spice)


Using a food processor mix together avocado, cilantro, lime and jalapeño. One mixed well add yogurt, salt, garlic, parsley, oregano and sugar. Pure until smooth and serve cold.