Rise Buddy

Some of my readers know that I am the Lead Chef at Camp Celiac every summer. One important part of that role is to spend time finding great products to have at camp that campers will love and may not be aware of. I was recently approached by Rise Buddy to try an outstanding snack product.

Rise Buddy is a healthy snack option when your looking for something salty, savory and fun. Its easy to find gluten free crackers on the market but hard to find one that comes in fun flavors and shapes. They taste similar to a normal cracker but are made from whole grain 100% brown rice. They come in four great flavors including sea salt, BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion and my favorite PIZZA!!

Rise Buddy Healthy Snacks Have it ALL:
Trans-Fat Free
Over Baked, Not Fried
Education Smart Snack Approved
Whole Grain from Brown Rice

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La Brea Bakery Bread

A good, sliced gluten-free bread is the hardest thing to find in the gluten-free world. Many of us just stick to one of the few name brands we see in stores but most of them are never that great. I recently received samples from La Brea Bakery. This is an outstanding product and available to buy online!

 La Brea Bakery is the #1 selling artisan bread company in the country. La Brea Bakery created award-winning gluten free breads that taste different than most other options available.

They offer two outstanding flavors.  A classic white that is soft with a thin crust. Also a multi-grain that is soft on the inside with a nutty crust. You can find more about each option here . 

I have sampled a great number of gluten free sliced bread and this product clearly stands out. Has all the characters a gluten-free eater is looking for. The flavor of both option is spot on tasting clean and full of fresh baked flavor. Quality is spot on, clearly coming from an artisan company and not a mass produced item. Slice size is nice, not to big or small, great for toast or sandwich. No air holes in the slices which is always important and hard to find. Both options have an actual crust that has its own character and is part of the loaf. Texture soft, smooth, fluffy and not chewy at all. Toast’s up great and hold’s up to anything I have put on it yet. 

Where to buy:

Amazon Fresh 

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“Hell-o” Fruit Salad

I am giggling while I write that title because if you knew Jay’s mom you would understand why I love this very bubbly, caring and amazing person. Ellen is always super supportive of all my endeavors regardless of what I may be up to. She knows that I take very good care of her son and that normally means feeding him well. Since Ellen was born and grew up in the Philippians I am consistently exposed to new dishes that I would have never tried. Jay often misses his mom’s best dishes and Ellen does her best at sharing the recipes for me to re-create at home. Momma Ellen will always make the best but I am told my replications are pretty good. This is another one of her famous Philippines dishes. We shared it at our Super Bowl party and it was a hit.

Whenever Momma Ellen calls it is customary to say “Hell-o”


1/2 Can Condensed Sweetened Milk

1/2 Bar Cream Cheese

2 Big Cans Tropical Fruit Salad in Light Syrup

1 Big Can Sliced Peaches in Light Syrup

1 Small Can Little Oranges in Light Syrup

1 Jar Coconut Jelly (Find in Asian Store) Optional*

Start by draining all fruit very well. I placed it in a colander in the sink for 10 minutes. Place cream cheese and condensed milk in food processor or mixer and blend it together until smooth. Pour fruit in bowl and then pour milk mix on top. Mix it all together well and place in fridge for two hours before serving.

ENJOY!!!!!! Thanks Momma …