Guilt Free Mushroom Gravy

I work in a town called Kennet Square PA which is also known as the mushroom capital of the country. Everything around town is mushroom themed. They even have an annual mushroom festival and mushroom ball drop for new years. Well I  was given a blend fresh very selective mushrooms and decided to be creative. Jay loved porcini sauce so I wanted to make a less guilty version.  He had it over gluten free pasta and loved it.


4 Tbs Butter

1 Tbs Olive Oil

½ White Onion  (sliced)

4 Cloves Garlic (sliced)

1/3 Cup Chopped Parsley

½ Cup White Wine

1 Tbs Corn Starch

½ Cup Fat Free Half and Half

¼ Cup Skim Milk

1 ½ Pound Mushrooms ( I like to mix up different kinds)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Start by sautéing onions and garlic in oil and half the butter.  Once they start to brown and become translucent chop mushrooms and add to pot. Cooking over medium heat add the remaining butter. Add salt and pepper to taste. Next slowly add the wine, stir and increases heat a bit.  Add  half and half and skim milk, bring to a simmer. Place corn starch in a bowl  and water a small amount of hot water, mix well to make a slurry.  Add the slurry but avoid any clumps of corn starch that may have formed.  Stir mixtures, low heat and cook with lid on for about 5 minutes. Then remove lid, add parsley and stir. Cook an addition 5 more minutes and then serve hot on pasta or rice. Enjoy.


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