Seitenbacher Product Review

I am always looking for new products to try and write about. Protein bars are top on that list. Always hard to find ones that are good and gluten free with out all the sugar and junk.

I was recently sent a wonderful box full of Seitenbacher foods. The are  a company based out of Germany producing a large line of various items from gravy mixes, cereal, pasta to items like protein bars and cookies. Many of their item’s are gluten free. The box I samples included cereal, protein bar, noodles and 2 gravy mixes.

The best part was the pasta and gravy mixes. I took some cut up chicken breast and browned with a munch of fresh mushrooms. Then I used with gravy mix and cooked as instructed in a pot. Add the gravy to the chicken and mushrooms, cooked it down with a little bit of white wine and fresh parsley. Served the whole thing on  top of the noodles and is really was amazing. Growing up in a german family made me love noodles like this and this was the first time I had any  German style gluten free noodle and it was really good. This gravy mix would be great for green been casserole also.

Everything else was great tpp!!! Find gluten free cereal that is enjoyable is often a challenge but this was a great choice. Goes great with milk or yogurt and packed with protein keeping me going all day.

The protein bar really was a meal replacement. Coming in at a little less then 300 calories and packed with protein made it a great choice when on the run. Slightly sweet but tasted nothing like the protein bags I am use too. Not chalky or dry really enjoyable. Plus anything with chocolate is 😉

You can find Seitenbacher as some natural food stores or shop online at


IMG_3085 IMG_3086

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