Addictive Chocolate Burst

I was recently asked to do a Valentines special for a local network. I was having fun coming up with recipes and this one great! Warning it is addictive!


9 Cups Gluten Free Chex Mix
3 Tbs Butter
1 Cup Chocolate chip’s
2 Cups Powder Sugar
1 Pack Sugar Free Jello Mix ( I used strawberry but any one would work)

Start by melting chocolate and butter in a bowl in the microwave. Pour melted mixture on top of Cereal and mix well very gently. This next step is great for a kid to do. In a large container with lid or a big zip lock bag pour the whole packet of Jell-o mix and all the sugar. Shake the sugar mixture and then add all the chocolate covered cereal. Shake..Shake…..SHAKE! Until every chocolate morsel is covered.

I apologize about the image, this stuff was so good we all ate it to fast to take a picture. Fell free to change up the chocolate type and jello flavor for a fun combo. Like white chocolate and lime, milk chocolate and orange or even raspberry and dark chocolate. Have Fun!


2 thoughts on “Addictive Chocolate Burst

  1. Sounds so yummy but any idea how to do this without the powdered sugar? We eat Chex most of the time YUM but I’m diabetic so have to beware of most added sugar!

    • I was thinking about this for awhile. Here are a few idea’s

      1) double the sugar free jello mix and use a cup of Splenda
      2) replace the sugar for one cup ground nuts which might me very different but really good.
      3) you could try just no sugar and see what happens!!

      Let me know how it goes and enjoy

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