Tour Stop: Los Angeles

Tour Stop: Los Angeles

Next stop on the Guilt Free Foodie Cutie Tour was Los Angeles CA. This was my first time to California and it was well worth the trip. I always think of Philly as the most unique laid back city but LA was just as great. The culture, the people and of course, the food. I only had pre-planed one stop before hand because I was unsure of my plans but with a little research while I was in town I found some great spots.

The first place I visited was Addiction Bistro. I had found some great stuff on line about this spot and after a long conversation with one of the owners over the phone it was my first stop. Both owners are gluten free them selves so no need to worry here. Practically everything on the menu has a gluten free alternative from gluten free buns, pasta and dessert. They are even making homemade sauce, hot dogs and sausage so you really have no need to worry. The menu includes a large variation of burgers, hot dogs, sausage, chili and Italian dishes. The owners take a lot of pride in what they do and it shows. I arrived before the doors opened and they had people already waiting outside to get some chili. My favorite thing on the menu was the Thai dog which is a homemade chicken hot dog with bacon, peanut sauce and slaw. Our table tried a whole bunch of stuff and the photo’s are all below. Soon they will be making the gluten free buns in house which would make this place over the top. Check them out and make sure to leave room for the gluten free desserts and homemade ice cream. Website:

Next stop, was Cafe Buna a great cafe of that likes to be called “Del Rey’s Best Kept Secret”. This place was packed and with good reason. The menu is huge and creative. They even had gluten free pancakes and corn bread french toast which was like a hidden treasure for me. The choice of breakfast sides alone are something to talk about including things like plantains, applewood bacon, chicken apple or chicken tequila sausage, wings, soyrizo (tofu, tomatoes and onions), lox, collard greens, ostrich patty and the list goes on. The meals are just as creative. I had to try the cornbread french toast because I have not had french toast since I have been gluten free. Jay had the burrito that was filled with eggs, rice, chicken and toped with mole sauce and avocado and it was the size of a small baby. Check them out at 3105 Washington Blvd Marina Del Rey, CA 90292. Phone 310-823-2430

Last stop, 26 Beach Restaurant for a big brunch before a 6 hour flight. This menu was the most unique and creative brunch list I had ever scene and along with decor of a partially covered out door patio it was really something special. The menu started with a list of like about fifteen french toast options including tiramisu, Reece’s and some that they actually made with croissant toast. They may have not been gluten free french toast but had to be noted. The two other sections of this brunch list included pasta scrambles which were different egg dished mixed with pasta and fun toppings like bolognese or chili. Best on the list was what they called “The Royals” which are unique eggs dishes over rice inherently a creative brunch dish that is gluten free. I had the egg Diablo which is scrambled eggs over brown rice and beans topped with corn, peas, onion and served with amazing homemade salsa. They also made a crab royal which had avocado, cheese and crab mixed in the scramble and served over brown rice. I took a peek at the lunch menu and they had a ton of creative salads with fried goat cheese or even a rack of lamb along burgers toppings I have never seen like one with peanut butter and jelly. Website:

LA is a great city and totally worth a trip. If your looking for your next beach vacation I cant think of any place better.

Next stop on the tour is back to my roots with a trip to Upstate New York to make a fun fall weekend something for anyone to enjoy.















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