Guilt Free Gluten Free Cannoli

Living in the Italian Market its hard to resist the creamy, sweet and crunchy homemade ricotta cannoli. The ones in the bakery’s are clearly not gluten free and are not very fit friendly. I changed up this classic and cut the calories in half and took out all the gluten. Great for a crowd.


5 Gluten Free Sugar Ice Cream Cones
1 Cup Ricotta Cheese (Fat free to lighten it up)
4 Tbs Sugar ( Feel free to adjust your sweetness or use splenda)
1 tsps Vanilla
1 Cup Cool Whip ( I like the light version best)
1/2 Cup crushed nuts or chocolate chips ( I think crushed pistachio’s work best)

Place the cheese, sugar, vanilla and 2 Tbs of topping in to food processor and blend well. Place in bowl and fold in Cool Whip. Place mixture in zip lock bag and seal. Allow it to firm in fridge for 4 hours. When your ready to serve just cut corner of bag and pipe filling into cones. Dips ends in nuts and serve.


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