Peanut Butter & Company

Peanut Butter is clearly one of my go-to snacks and ingredients. Low in carb and high in protein it’s hard to go wrong. I often find my self substituting Peanut Butter when butter is required in recipes both sweet and savory.

Peanut Butter & Company is a great company that makes tons of fantastic flavors and all gluten free. They sent me a whole bunch of diffrent flavors to play with and I have come up with some great stuff. Give one of the flavors a try and keep a look out for some great recipes soon to come.

Some of natural peanut butter’s health benefits are:

– Vegetarian source of protein
– Provides essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, Niacin, Phosphorous & Magnesium
– Cholesterol Free
– No trans fat
– Good source of natural folic acid, an essential nutrient during pregnancy and in the prevention of heart disease
– Good source of antioxidant, offering as much as grapes, tomatoes, or blueberries

At Peanut Butter & Co. they pride themselves on providing great-tasting, all-natural, healthful products. The complete ingredients list and nutritional information for all of thier peanut butter products are available on the web site.

Check them out!!!



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