First Round

The first show went great!!! It aired this week while we filmed episode two. The whole experience is surreal. I feel like having a camera in my face while cooking is a dream come true. I fall asleep watching cooking shows and now I am actually in one. I was excited for just one show, thinking that what I make would not even compare to what everyone else would do. I just did not want to make a fool out of myself.

I got on set and was scared when I saw how prepared everyone was. Here is this 25 years old walking in with a box of rice paper, carrots and some peanut butter. Once I started cooking it just went smooth. I may have needed some help with turning on the oven but watching a hundred episodes of Chopped paid off. I was running around looking for spoons and different size bowls. Hoping that my first time using a convection oven would not be a disaster. Then with two minutes remaining to plate my heart was racing.

When we went to judging I was really surprised by how much the chefs enjoyed my meal.

Check out the clip and see how I did 🙂
First Show

Stay tuned for next week!!!!