Mexican food is always a great way to please a crowd. I must admit my bf is a Tex-mex master so I have to be careful to do it just right.
Tamales became a favorite of mine after living in Guatemala.
My love for these wonderful stemmed creations is relived every week in the Italian market. Every Saturday, without fail, in the market sits a lady and her baby. She sits on her big pot and sells amazing pork tamales and sauce for $1. I had to try recreating these wonderful steamed packets of love.

I fill mine with chicken and beans but feel free to get creative. Cheese, pork or beef would be great.

1 cup cone meal
5 corn on the cob
2 chicken thigh
1 cup refrained fat free refried bean
Tsp salt
3 tbs water
*Salsa and guacamole to serve

Peel the husk of the corn very carefully. You want to keep the pieces as wide as possible. Reserve all the husks. Small scraps can be used to help tie the packets together at the end.
Boil the peeled corn for about 8 minutes. Remove fomr pot, let cool and then remove the kernels from the cob.
In a food processor blend two cups of kernels, corn meal, salt and water till a fine paste forms.
In another pot boil the chicken thighs till they are cooked and easy to shred. Place chicken in a bowl to use for filling later.

Assemble- Place a wide husk on the counter and add about 3 tbs of the mixture and form a square patty. Place a a spoon of beans in the middle and a small piece of the chicken. Cover the mixture with a little more filling. Wrap the filling with the husk. It may take 1-3 pieces to fully cover the filling. Tie the packets together with a this piece of husk or you can use kitchen string. Repeat the process to make about 8 tamales.
Steam tamales for 45 min and serve.

* This is a great dish to make in advance. Steamed tamales can be stores in the fridge and steamed for ten minutes to re- heat.