Carrot Tsimus

Tsimus is a very traditional passover dish. The idea of a sweet side dish to go with the festive spring time meal. This recipe can made a million ways. I wanted to make my version healthy, paleo and easy to do. Using a slow cooker made that possible.


2 Pounds Carrots

1 Onion

10 Prunes

2 Tbs Honey

1/4 Water

Pinch Salt

Start by chopping carrots into big round and place in slow cooker. Slice onion and lightly brown in a pan. Add the browned onion’s to the carrots in the slow cooker. Now, chop the prunes and mix into the content in the slow cooker. Finally add salt, honey and water. Mix and place cover on top. Cook on low for 10 hours. Serve hot as a side dish to any protein.


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