Slow Cooker Corn-beef

For St. Patty’s Day or year around and nothing can be more traditional then corn beef and cabbage. It is a very easy dish to make in a slow cooker.


2-3 pound corn beef (packaged with seasoning pack)

5 Carrots

1/2 Head Cabbage

1 Large Onion

About 3 Cups Water

Start by cutting carrots and onions into large chunks. Place in the slow corner. Rinse off the whole corn-beef and place on-top of carrots and onions. Add content of spice packet. Pour in water to just cover the top of the meat. Cover slow cooker with lid and cook on low of  6 hours. An hour before serve place cabbage in a pot with half the liquid from the cabbage. Cook cabbage for about 30 min until soft. When you are ready to serve slice meat against the grain and serve with cabbage, carrots, onions and some mustard.


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