Halo Halo

As I continue to discover new gluten free recipes its important to talk about one of my favorites. Halo Halo is like a Philapino ice cream Sunday. After a recent trip to San Francisco I had a hands on cooking demonstrations on how to make some of the best Philapino recipes from Aunt Bing. Halo Halo is to good to be true and is something I always look forward too. Feel free to be creative with this one.

Ingredients: (this is a recipe to assemble a single serving)

1 Cup Snow Ice – either ice blended or run in a snow cone maker
1/3 Cup Sweet Beans- the best is to buy type if dessert beans at an Asian market. If that not available the you can slowly rehydrate beans in a sugar water solution.
1/3 Cup Jelly Cubes- This is another item easily found at an Asian market. Or make using a basic jell-o mix with half the water and set in a shallow baking pan . Once set, cut into cubes.
1/2 Cup Ube or Jack Fruit Ice Cream- this can be substituted for mango ice cream if needed.
4 Tbs Condensed Milk
2 Tbs Rice Cereal

Start by finding a fun clear glass. Place ice on bottom for the first layer. Next, place beans and cubes of jell-o as second layer. Then pour condensed milk on top. Top ice layer with scoop of ice cream. Finally sprinkle with rice cereal for a touch of crunch. Serve immediately and enjoy!!!!




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