Tropical Kabob

I came up with this recipe by accident. A friends of mine just got a grill and is trying to learn some easy recipes. I wanted to come up with something that she would love and was as easy as grilling a burger. This is super healthy and a whole meal in its self.


1 Red Bell Pepper (Cut into bit side pieces)

2 Cups Cut Pineapple Pieces (Fresh or Canned)

2-3 Chicken Breast (Cut into Pieces)

1/3 Cup Gluten Free Asian BBQ Sauce

Salt and Pepper

Place cut chicken in bowl and season with salt and pepper. Add BBQ sauce and mix well. Now using wood skewers gently place alternating pieces of chicken, then pepper and then pineapple on each until almost the whole stick is covered. Once you have used up all the ingredients place each skewer on grill and turn every few minutes to cook evenly on each side. Remove from grill and serve.

Hint: Make sure to soak skewers in water first to help prevent burning. Also spray grill top well to avoid sticking.


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