I am always looking for fun ideas for simple entertaining. I always say that finger foods are the hardest to find gf. But with a gluten free baguette on hand it’s easy. I like Sweet Christine Baguette the best. They ship frozen and can keep for 9 months. Crispy outside and soft inside. My recipe below is just one of many easy ideas but you can great creative with this.

3 oz Lox or any smoked salmon
8 oz whipped cream cheese
20 Chives cut into 1/2 inch strips
1 baguette

Start by cutting baguette into small rounds an laying out on plate. Then place about 1 Tbs of cream cheese on one half on each slice. Top the cream cheese with and small piece of lox gently placed on top. Finally slide two pieces of the chives between lox and cream cheese. Enjoy!

Another great alternative is goat cheese and orange marmalade.


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