Cold Brew Coffee

Living in Philly I have become a bit of a coffee fanatic. I know what I like and I need a good cup at least once a day. With summer in full swing its hard to go food a hot cup of anything in the morning. I like iced coffee but can’t get it how I like it at home and hate how diluted it becomes. I have heard of cold brew before but since its always super expensive I never got into it. I did some research and learned home to make it at home. Cold brew coffee is much more potent then regular coffee but since it is never heated the quality is very smooth and not bitter.


4 1/2 Cup Water
1 Cup Coffee
Coffee Filter
1 Large Container – I prefer an old milk jug to avoid staining anything I use for anything else.
1 Funnel
1 Glass Jar or storage container
Milk, Sugar or any other coffee add in’s

Start by mixing water and coffee together in container. Leave in fridge or on counter for 24 hours. After the first twelve give a quick stir or shake. Once time is up place filter in funnel. Put the funnel above storage container. Slowly pour coffee threw filter. Store in fridge for a few days. Serve on ice with milk and it sugar. Keep in mind coffee is very potent, you should dilute it by half when serving with ice, water or milk. Feel free to adjust recipe as you see fit , this is the way I like it but use your imagination.



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