Gluten Free Living Magazine

A few months ago I got a phone call from the writers of Gluten Free Living Magazine, asking if I would be interested in writing an article about my story, along with a fun summer menu.  I was excited to be apart, and quickly got started coming up with ideas. Since it was the middle of winter ,it was hard to really think of summer but they mentioned something about lobster and I was inspired. I created a fun menu of East meets West combining some of my Asian flare and the traditional New England lobster roll idea. The menu includes a great recipe of my GF Coconut Shrimp, Jay’s Mango Salsa, Lobster Roll, Asian Slaw and always with a little cocktail to wash it all down. For more details and all the recipes pick up a copy today!!! You can find it here or at a local Barned and Nobel, Target and Rite Aid.

I was recently asked to join the magazine for the next year and help create some great seasonal menu plans. If you subscribe now you will save a lot on each issue and you will be the first to see all my menus and recipes.


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