Balsamic Chicken

I am always looking for new fun ways to make a quick week night chicken. This is a great spring Italian recipe that you will want to make over and over again!


1 Pound Chicken Breast Cut into 4 Pieces

1/3 Balsamic Vinegar

2 Tomatoes

1/2 Cut Cut Fresh Basil

1 Tbs Olive Oil

2 tsp salt (separated)

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp garlic powder

Start by pounding each piece of chicken with a mallet to help flatten. Dust chicken with pepper, garlic powder and half the salt in a large bowl. Pour balsamic over chicken and allow chicken to marinade for 2-4 hours in fridge. Once chicken is ready, place each piece on a hot oiled pan. Cooking each side for a few minutes until brown. While chicken is cooking dice tomatoes and in a bowl combine with basil, olive oil and remaining salt. Its important to do this last because tomatoes will start to break down as soon as they are cut and salted. When your ready to serve place each piece of chicken on a plate of top with the tomato salad.


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