Basil BLT

Not many people are aware but on many Saturdays I work at Sweet Christens Gluten Free Bakery creating specials and making brunch and lunch items. People come out to the bakery to get a week worth of gluten free goods and sit to have a quick bite of what ever I am making.

This week I whipped up some Basil BLT’s and everyone loved it. I wanted to share the recipe since its super easy.


Two sliced of your favorite GF Bread
4 Slices Cooked Bacon
2 Tomato Slices
1 Tbs Low Fat Mayo
1/2 Tbs Pesto
1/4 Cup Lettuce
*Extra Basil Optional

In a small bowl mix the pesto and mayo. Place a thin layer of the spread on each slice of bread. Put the bread on an oiled pan with a low flame with the pesto side facing up. Now build the sandwich with bacon, tomato lettuce and addition lettuce if you want. Close sandwich and flip. Once bread is slightly toasted and warm, remove and serve. Enjoy


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