Crispy Kale

Clearly being “guilt free” I get very excited when I find a healthy substitute for something I should not be eating. I love munching on anything that is crispy and salty but its not easy to do with out all the fat and calories. When I learned you can do the same with a vegetable I was excited. I have been making these forever and they never get old.


1 Bunch Kale

Cooking Spray

Lots of Sea Salt

The first step is the most important and is better done a head of time. Rinse the kale well and dry. You can dry by patting with paper towel or laying out for a bit on some towels to air dry. Then tare the leaves of the thick center stem. Place each piece on a well sprayed and foiled cookie sheet. Then spray the kale on top well and sprinkle with salt. Bake for about 12 minutes on 350 degrees turning half way. You will know when they are done as soon as they are all crisp. Some of the tray may finish first so just remove and continue cooking the rest.

They are best eaten as soon as they are done or store in a air tight container if needed.


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