Skiing Gluten Free – Stowe Vermont

After the amazing response I received from my blog about my Gluten Free Mexico Vacation I figured it is important to share the tips and tricks I find on all my getaways. I just got back yesterday from a wonderful romantic ski trip to Vermont. I spent a week planning what food to pack because I figured the 8-hour drive and the long days on the slope would leave me with little gluten free options but I was very wrong. Vermont as a whole had a ton of great gluten free finds. Regardless I would always recommend packing good healthy options just in case. Check out the pack I made at the end of this blog to get some good ideas. Both Jay and I made almost every breakfast and lunch plus snack out of what we took with us which was a great money savor in the long run.

As for Stowe it self it simple is amazing. We stayed at the Butler House which was a quite little spot in town. Completely up to date which is hard to find and at a great price. We had a super cute room with a loft bed and a wonderful view of town. Check out what people are saying about this place at If you are looking for more of a resort I would highly recommend the Trapp Family Lodge. This is the original lodge from the Sound of Music Family. They have great vacation packages along with activities all days for anyone in your family not hitting the slopes. They have a bunch of restaurants on site and a brewery that is working on the gluten free brew.

As for the mountain it was amazing. From beginner to export they have everything covered. With high speed quad lifts and an in-closed gondola that bring you to the top of one of Vermont’s highest mountain tops. Runs the would last from 20-40 minutes to finish. They had different lodges with food and drinks at the bottom and top of each peak with gluten free options like pizza, chili and salads. The best part is everyone knows everyone so it was totally a community feel very unlike the tourist traps I am used too. They even have this one run called Toll Road that zig-zags down the whole mountain at a very little incline all in the woods. You can actually see Lake Champlain on the way down and take a second to really appreciate the experience of being in a winter wonderland far away from the city life.

As for the restaurants, I was impressed every night. The first night we had been so beat from the drive and checking out town that we went down stairs in our hotel to Frida’s Taqueria and Grill which I read a lot about. Its a great modern Mexican spot with a ton of fun options including homemade 100% corn tortilla. We really enjoyed the table side Guacamole and fun taco menu. The even exposed me to a new gluten free beer called Celia Saison from The Alchemist Brewing Company in Waterbury, Vermont. The next day we went and checked out the brewery its self and got a bunch to bring home. The second day we went out to Burlington VT to check out the town and found a great spot called Duino Duende. The place is a gem. It focuses on international street food with a twist and with a gluten free menu its hard to go wrong. We split fried oysters and I had a Cuban wrap with kale on the side. The dark candle light atmosphere and Live Jazz made the whole experience something to remember. Not to mention a homemade chai tea with ROOT to warm anyone up after a long day on the slope. Our last night we stayed in Stowe and tried Piecasso Pizzeria & Lounge. A really fun modern twist on a pizza spot. They have a full gluten free menu including pizza, pasta and sandwiches. We have great wings, salad and pizza and enjoyed every bite.

My Meals To Go Pack:

Turkey Jerky (read ingredient)

Dried Fruit (Like Raisin, Prunes, Figs Ect.)

Home Made Granola Bars (Try on of my recipes)

Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

Peanut Butter To-Go Packs from Peanut Butter and Company

Trail mix Individual Packs (Found mine at CVS for $2.5o but you can easily make your own with different nuts and dry fruit)

Big Bag of Baby Carrots

Big Bag of Sugar Snap Peas



Bottle of Wine

Box of little zip lock bags to bring to the mountain










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