All Natural Whiskey Sour

I have really been getting into the new speakeasy trend in the city. A fun bar that is kinda hidden, has fancy drinks and makes you feel like your doing something different then the normal bar scene. I love to learn about the fancy cocktails and what makes them worth the extra few bucks. Normally its the extra effort or more expensive ingredients. When I try something new I love to re-create it.

After my birthday this year my friends were all talking about this go-go bar that has amazing Whisky Sours made with egg whites. Once I tried it I was in shock. As exotic as it sounds this stuff is good. No sour mix and this stuff is smooth. Give it a try.

2 oz Whiskey
Juice of one Small Lemon
2 tsp Sugar
1 Egg White

The trick to this is all into the shaking. Place the egg white into a container with a screw top like a quart container or something smaller. Close lid tight and shake it like crazy till you get a really nice foam. Then add sugar and shake again. Last add lemon and whiskey and shake again.

Depending on how you like it either serve over ice or shake with ice and strain. I love using liquor rock that you keep in the freezer and they never melt.

Serve in a fun glass and enjoy!


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