Pumpkin Break Down

With all the cooking I do it is important for me to not waste anything. This even includes all the pumpkins that are around my apartment as fall decorations. I don’t see the reason to buy the canned stuff when you make it from any pumpkin the remains after the season. One nice size pumpkin can make about 8 cans worth. I normally break down my pumpkin after Halloween and use it in all my holiday cooking. Pumpkin uses are endless as a great sub to oil in cakes, thickeners in sauces, base for soup, festive smoothies and much much more.

My family jokes that I am a little pumpkin obsessed but no one ever complains when something new and fun comes out of the over. Stay tuned for many great pumpkin inspired recipes to come.

Pumpkin Break Down Procedure –

1 Large Pumpkin ( I recommend 8-10 Pounds)


4 Quart Size Freezer Containers

Start by cutting the pumpkin in quarters with a large knife but be very careful! Pumpkin are tricky and the knife can slide easily. Remove the stem and seeds (save seeds for later roasting).

Place a small amount of water on a backing sheet to about a 1 inch depth. Place pumpkin pieces skin side up on try and bake at 350 degree’s for about 45 minutes or until it is fork tender.

Remove pumpkin from tray and allow to cool for 35 minutes. Scrap pumpkin away from skin and place into large bowl. Depending on the type of pumpkin the flesh may be stringy and this is fine. Once all the pumpkin is removed from the skin strain the water either by hand or in colander over night.

Place pumpkin in separate freezer ready containers or even in zip lock bags. It is very helpful to measure it out and label the container so that you know home much to De-frost for any recipes. I like to use a kitchen hand food hand blender or food processor to pure the pumpkin before freezing. This will create the same exact product you find in the canned pumpkin from the store.




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