Cucumber Lemonade

One day last week, I got a text from my boyfriend while he was traveling on business. He was in a cafe and on the menu they had a cucumber lemonade. At the time he did not want to pay the $4 to buy one but texted me to see if it something I could make. I gave it a try and it turned out great.

With this hot summer I find myself always looking in the fridge for something to cool down with. I get sick of water and I am not a huge fan of things that are sugary like soda and juice. Cucumber and lemon are the best solution to making hot days a little more easy to handle.


1L soda water
2 Cups ice
1/2 large cucumber peeled and chopped
Juice of two large lemons (and/or lime if you prefer)
3 Tbsp sweeter (sugar, splenda or agave honey)

In a large pitcher place the cucumbers and lemon juice. Mix them very well with a big spoon and let it stand for a few minutes. The lemon will help release the flavor from the cucumber and keep it from changing colors. Pour in the soda water and stir. Then add you sweeter if you choose to. Last, add the ice and place in fridge to cool. I purposely use a large amount of ice to decrease the carbonation a bit and to also cool it down fast. Enjoy.

* Note – If using artificial sweeter It’s important to add it at the end because the carbonated liquid and the acid from the fruit will react with the sugar in the pitcher and create a big mess.

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