Food Tour


It was requested and now its going to happen!!!  Check out the write up and stay tuned for the offical start date 🙂

Italian Market Food Tour with

Laura Hanh –coming soon

Each tour stops at 4-5 scrumptious food shops that serve up incredibly delicious and inexpensive food served in portions that can be easily divided and shared or singularly devoured.  Our guides make recommendations and facilitate ordering, but you have the final say.  You choose your own food and pay for it directly.  In between the food stops, you’ll have time to digest your food as well as digest the history of the neighborhood, as told to you by our entertaining and knowledgeable guides.

So come see the sights and try some bites on one of our food tours.  Don’t forget to bring an appetite!  Check out our current tours above.

It seem like my gluten free life is a hit. Would anyone be interested in a Gluten Free Food tour of the city? Tasting, history and some fun along the way. Two hours eating philly with me 🙂

What do think?


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