Italian Festival

As much as I love to cook and share my recipes, I also have a love for eating everything that Philly has to offer. As you have seen from the show, I have traveled them world in search for good eats but I truly believe Philly is home to the best food in the world. From the gourmet restaurants, sandwich shops, markets and trucks, we have it all. Many of my friends know that you can give me an area of the city and a price range and I am sure to give you a great recommendation.
At the heart of the city between Catherine Street and Washington Ave. is the Italian Market. This three blocks of paradise is where I live and call home. My weekends are spent hunting for the newest additions and most exotic finds. Once a year, the market hosts a festival that brings in crowds of people to tastes sauces, sandwiches, cheese and best of all the cannoli. For years, I have always planned my route and made sure to get my favorites early. This year it’s a little different, my recent gluten intolerance diagnosis makes my splurging at little harder. Luckily, Philly is always quickly adapting to new trends and when it comes to food, more places adapt to any diet.
The Italian Market has made many changes this year and for a gluten free foodie it’s a dream come true. This includes great new restaurants that cater to gluten free dishes like Monsum which has the best brunch in the city, never a line and always BYOB. They will adjust almost any dish to be gluten free, even the pasta and gnocchi. Chef McAndrew is a master at everything he does and he is sure to be attracting a large following. Not only is his brunch and dinner a must try but he has also opened a few sandwich shops in the city that can’t be missed. If you come to the City of Brotherly Love for a real cheese steak from Pat’s or Geno’s, think again! Paesano’s I and II are the real Philly experience from the classic Italian hoagie, spicy chicken or my favorite – the lamb sausage. The juicy meat and outstanding combo of flavors will leave you wanting to try it all. Best of all, they make everything gluten free by request. That’s right, gluten free hoagie rolls. Truly something almost impossible to find anywhere! The bread they use comes from a great little shop across the way in the market. It’s called Taffet (originally TOTE). They make gluten free pizza dough, cupcakes, cannoli, various breads, cookies and are always open to new ideas. The smells of the freshly baked goodies from this shop in the market will pull you in looking for a treat. Taffets’ success alone proves that gluten free options are not just a trend but are here to stay.

These places I mentioned are only what’s in the Italian Market. Overall, Philly has a gluten free lifestyle that is continuing to expand rapidly. I live to try it all and promise to make the Guilt Free Foodie Cutie not only a source for recipes but a place to follow my gluten free adventures.

If you have a place or product I should try, please let me know!


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