I Got Chosen!

I want to share some exciting news as my first post!

About a week ago, I heard about a local competition that NBC10 was
holding called “Next Local TV Chef”. It was a video contest that
required you to show what your cooking is all about and if chosen, allow you to compete in a contest that will be aired on The 10! Show Creating the video was a blast and I did not expect much to come from it.

Monday morning I received a call and was told that my submission had been selected. I am one of the top 5 chefs that were chosen to compete in a chef competition that will start next week and air on NBC10!. Every week, one person will be eliminated by a different challenge. The first show they have asked me to prepare my signature dish with a $25 budget. I am still working on what I want to make and I promise to share the details. Regardless of the outcome I am honored to even have a chance to compete!

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